About Danny Mattijetz


Danny started serious sculpting late in life. Everything prior to retirement was spent dealing with the business of living. It wasn't until after retirement from the normal business world that he first tried his hand at taking a piece of stone and turning it into a work of art. From that point on, it was a labor of love. With no formal training in sculpture of any sort, he took a piece of soapstone and started hammering away. After working his way up to harder stones, he had to discard his ruined wood tools, and graduate to proper stone carving tools. Now his tools vary from hand chisels in the upper left picture to grinding tools that make his work area look like snow as in the upper right. 


Danny's focus has been mostly on figurative art which keeps him constantly in anatomy books to fully understand the connections and shapes of muscles and bones. Only occasionally does he venture into the abstract, but it wouldn't be surprising to see more of that in the future.

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