Completed figurative sculptures

Fairy with pearl.

In a somewhat whimsicle pose, this fairy is sitting casually on the stem of a plant while contemplating the pearl she has just found. Her minimalist face just hints at her features and fairy origin. Done in white alabaster, it is an early addition to the sculpter's collection finished in

September 2010.

The diver.


"The diver" in limestone with travertine base, shows the extreme level of concentration to which an athlete must go to perfect his sport. He easily shows the motion of the dive as he follows through, straining to hold his form to completion.


March 2012

Women washing hair.

“Women Washing Hair” in pink alabaster completed in January 2013 shows two women helping each other with tasks we would find so mundane that we forget the difficulties it must have caused in ancient time. Dressed in a traditional Greek chiton that swirls about her body, one woman pours gently from a heavy water jug onto the other.



Created in September 2013 of beautiful red Spanish marble.


Michael the arcangel is engaged in battle for heaven against the devil. The devil was an arcangel himself who felt he was equal to God, but the result was he was cast out of heaven and sent to hell.

"Sculpture by the Sea" juried fine art show: Honorable Mention May 3, 2014



Completed in March 2014 out of beautifully colored alabaster, the subject reclines gently with her hand over the edge of the base. The name comes not only from the serene pose, but from the phrase to "contemplate one's navel." In this particular case, she is contemplating the fact that she has no navel.

Celebrate the new day


This piece done in Carrara marble in July 2014 expresses the joy of an early dance in the breezy morning. It shows a twirl as the wind blows the drapery into a billowy embrace to give a feeling of freedom and oneness with nature. 

Hercules and Atlas


Done in January 2015 of translucent alabaster and chlorite.


Atlas was a Titan who fought against the Olympians and lost. As his punishment, Zeus condemned him to forever hold the orb of the heavens above the earth. Hercules was given twelve tasks to perform to atone for previous actions. One task was to retrieve golden apples from the garden of Hera which was tended by the daughters of Atlas and protected by a three-headed dragon. In exchange for holding the orb, Atlas retrieved the apples and would have left, but Hercules tricked him into holding the orb again leaving Atlas once again to hold the orb forever.

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