Completed abstract sculptures.

Mother and Child



This limestone piece shows the eternal love of a mother cradling her child.


Created in March 2015 of translucent alabaster


Origin takes its name from the Moebius shape that swirls in one continuous loop including a center helix reminiscent of a DNA molecule. The triangular cross section of the loop can be traced through the entire structure where one complete pass shows that the triangle has rotated through 1/3 of a turn as shown by the gold line. A full three passes are required to return to the point of origin with proper alignment, so while the triangle has three sides, these loops have only one.

Twisted Teak

Created 07/17/2015


This sculpted teak on a base of alabaster shows the beautiful grain that only nature can build. Its gentle curves allow the layers to show in a wonderful bull's eye pattern on the rounded surfaces. 

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